Mike & Michelle Millman

You might recognize this familiar face… Mike (ahem!) Mayor Millman, is the current Mayor of Woodinville, along with his lovely wife Michelle. These two Woodinville locals love supporting our Woodinville businesses and give much of their free time to supporting this community. While their ‘favorites’ are endless, here’s a peak at one of their suggested “2 Days in Woodinville” itineraries.

Day 1

PRE-BREAKFAST: Bike along the Sammamish River Trail and check out the Saturday Woodinville Farmers Market.

BREAKFAST: Sidekick Coffee for coffee or tea and a breakfast sando.

MORNING OUTING: Plant trees at Little Bear Creek mayoral duties that are so wonderful for our community!

AFTERNOON OUTING: Wine tasting at Woodin Creek’s Wine Alley. Alexandria Nicole, Rocky Pond, Tsillan Cellars, to name a few!

DINNER: Walla Walla Steakhouse at District Flats. Love the Tenderloin Diablo steak bites!

OVERNIGHT: Revel in the comfort of Willows Lodge and live music at Fireside Lounge.

Day 2

PRE-BREAKFAST: Bobae Coffee & Tea.

MORNING OUTING: Walk downtown to explore Molbak’s garden+home.

BREAKFAST: Enjoy Barking Frog.

AFTERNOON OUTING: MoltenWorks for a 90minute class to create cool art.

HAPPY HOUR: Gorman and Patterson wine tasting with appetizers and/or dinner at adjacent Vivi Pizzeria.

DINNER: A short walk to Heritage Restaurant. Try their crab hush puppies!

DESSERT: Swanky Scoop my favorite is Bumpy Road ice cream.

What Will You Do With Your 2 Days in Woodinville?

How would you create your own perfect 2 days in the wonderland that is Woodinville? Well, let’s start with the obvious. Look at ALL your options! Our website will help you craft a journey to your personal nirvana in your waking world. And while you stay overnight, you can dream of all the joy the next day will bring. Walk this way . . . in Woodinville, where you can play, dine, sip, and enjoy every minute of your stay.

2 Days in Woodinville

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2 Days in Woodinville
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