Rich & Becci McKee

As Rich & Becci McKee make their way through Woodinville, there isn’t anywhere they can go without hearing, “Hi Rich! Hi Becci!” These two Woodinville locals are plugged in, making friends with businesses, community members, and everyone they meet. As you’ll see from their itinerary, they’ve discovered some of Woodinville’s hidden gems and we are eager to share their finds with you!

BREAKFAST: One Bite Cafe

MORNING OUTING: JB Family Growers and Fyre Sauna

LUNCH: Hollywood Tavern

AFTERNOON OUTING: Woodinville Sports Club

DINNER: The 522

DESSERT: Brix in Woodin Creek Village

OVERNIGHT: Cottage Lake B&B

What Will You Do With Your 2 Days in Woodinville?

How would you create your own perfect 2 days in the wonderland that is Woodinville? Well, let’s start with the obvious. Look at ALL your options! Our website will help you craft a journey to your personal nirvana in your waking world. And while you stay overnight, you can dream of all the joy the next day will bring. Walk this way . . . in Woodinville, where you can play, dine, sip, and enjoy every minute of your stay.

2 Days in Woodinville

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2 Days in Woodinville
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